Future Office

4605 38th Ave

This small 480 sq. foot building is currently undergoing renovations and will soon be home to our future office! We will be utilizing this space for our Board of Director meetings, volunteers during the winter months, semi-annual lunches and dinners for local Veterans, and a meeting place for other small groups that need a consistent meeting place. We will also be holding various fundraisers here.

There was a large amount of mold and asbestos that needed to be removed along with all inside walls which gives us an open environment concept. We are currently seeking donations in the way of labor, roofing materials, an 80 inch sliding patio door, an interior 36 inch bathroom door, a 36 inch exterior door and storm door, drywall, drywall screws, siding, sub-floor materials, and any other construction items.


We invite you to view any of our Kenosha community gardens located at:

  • 4405 31st Ave
  • 2011 57th St
  • 5712 18th Ave
  • 5824 59th St
  • 4605 38th Ave

Pergola Garden

5712 18th Ave

We were able to attain this garden with the generous donation from our friend and long-time supporter, Raymond Roberts. The pergola was built and installed by Eagle Scout Max. The fence was built and painted by Julie Milligan-Barr and board member Deb Mitka. The bricks outlining the fence were donated by Eddie Wamboldt.

About Us


Garden of Eatin’ Kenosha is a veteran-owned nonprofit that raises a harvest of fresh produce to donate to local soup kitchens, pantries, and other organizations feeding hungry people in Kenosha County, Wisconsin. Created in 2013 as a class project by Andy Berg, the Original Garden has since expanded to five additional locations, including an office space—currently under renovation—and a rural orchard. The organization’s rapid growth and community outreach philosophy provides educational volunteer opportunities for school kids and adults alike. Neighbors are welcome to volunteer at the gardens and share in the harvest.

Garden of Eatin' - Kenosha

Wind Chime Garden

2011 57th St

We installed a wind chime utilizing a wheel rim, old-time gutters, and a chunk of wood. It was a good idea, but it didn’t last. We will be adding various wind chimes that we find at garage sales and those that are donated. The 12 raised beds were built by Eagle Scout Nick P. He did an amazing job. We also added some crates from the Army as raised beds also. There are new things to come to this garden. Keep an eye out!

Raised Bed Garden

NW corner of 59th St & 11th Ave

Property of Kenosha County Supervisor Dan Esposito, this garden is being tended by the GOE. He was generous enough to allow us to garden on this property in order to continue our mission. We recently added a shed which was donated by an anonymous donor. This garden has ample amounts of dill, rhubarb, and sage.

From the Community, For the Community, With the Community!

Original Garden

4405 31st Ave

In 2013, we started the “Garden of Eatin-Kenosha” with our partnership with We Energies. It all started out as a classroom project while attending the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. We broke soil, added 10 pickup trucks full of City of Kenosha compost, and planted seeds and plants with the help of co-workers and volunteers from the community and UW-Parkside.